Eight Chinese Bankers Were Humiliated With Spankings For Poor Performance In An Auditorium Full Of Horrified Employees

The President and several executives of the Shanxi Rural Credit Cooperative have been suspended after eight Chinese bankers who worked for the bank were recorded being spanked for poor performance.

Management Trainer Jiang Yang was hired by the bank for an employee seminar when he was recorded spanking eight bank managers. The trainer paddled the row of male and female Chinese bankers with a piece of wood. The punishment was handed down because the employees were not, “exceeding themselves.”

200 horrified bank employees witnessed the punishment be carried out in rural Shanxi Province. An audience member recorded the video. Within days of the management conference, the video went viral.

People across China were appalled by the video along with several high-ranking members of the Chinese Communist Party commented about the video. The South China Morning Post reports that many people have “criticized the bank executives for the brutal punishment, which they said had violated the rights of employees.”

Management Trainer Jiang Yang defended the spankings. According to the Beijing Times, Yang sees them as “one of the most effective ways to raise consciousness”

The bank attempted to justify the training seminar as an effective training lesson. The bank told the People’s Daily, “This was a ‘Breakthrough in Performance’ training session for their employees.”

The bank also stated that Jiang Yang was hired from the Hongfeng Leadership Academy in Shanghai. The trainers ranked the employees performance and then punished the employees who ranked bottom by giving spankings and cutting hair.

The bank stated that it stopped the training after the spankings. It then asked the Academy to apologize to the Chinese Bankers who were spanked. Bank executives also stated that it was suspending several executives from the branch. 

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