Just Like Sybil, The Woman With 16 Different Personalities, Marshall Isaacs has Multiple Versions Of His Alleged Signature

I received another batch of almost 60 different mortgage assignments and affidavits allegedly signed by Marshall Isaacs.   This coincidently makes 16 different and distinct signatures that allegedly belong to Isaacs.  Okay, who are we kidding?  The only way these are all his signature is if he suffers from multiple personality disorder like Sybil.  The woman from the made-for-TV movie, Sybil with Sally Field portraying a woman who suffered from a severe case of multiple personality disorder and suffered from 16 different and distinct personalities

The bulk of the signature samples came from Essex County, Massachusetts.  Kevin Harvey, the 1st Registrar, was extremely interested after I showed him documents with Marshall Isaacs signatures on the mortgage to his house and the many different signatures I had found in Michigan and the one Mike Dillon had found in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  Matter of fact, on Friday, Kevin was so excited that he assigned three people in his office to look for mortgage assignments with Isaacs’ signature on them.  Harvey’s staff found documents dating back to 2003containing a signature of Marshall Isaacs.  Take a look:

Assignments signed by Marshall Isaacs in Essex County

Mortgage Assignments Signed By Marshall Isaacs Essex County Part 2

I also found some interesting variations of his signature in Michigan that I had not seen before.  These two batches came from Leelanau and Ingham Counties.

Marshall Isaacs Signature Affidavits & Assignments Leelanau County

Marshall Isaacs Affidavit & Assignments -Ingham County

Here’s a signature from Oakland County that I’ve never seen before:

Marshall Isaacs Assignment Oakland County

This signature from Antrim County, north of Traverse City, is interesting because it has two very distinct versions of his signature on the same form. This is actually a current MFI-Miami client who has hit the Robo-Signing Trifecta. The mortgage assignment assigning the note from Ameriquest to an asset backed security was signed by known celebrity robo-signers, Chrystal Moore and Bryan Bly at National Title Clearing in Florida with Michigan’s own celebrity robo-signer allegedly signing the affidavit of compliance for the client’s sheriff’s sale.

Isaacs Sheriffs Deed Affidavit

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