long island foreclosures

Long Island Foreclosures Need Strong Long Island Foreclosure Defense

Long Island Foreclosures Require Aggressive Long Island Foreclosure Defense Only the most aggressive Long Island foreclosure defense can stop Long Island foreclosures. Have you been served with a foreclosure summons and complaint from the New York Supreme Court? MFI-Miami may be able to help you stay in your home. MFI-Miami is taking Long Island foreclosure […]

Mark Stopa Law Firm

Mark Stopa Law Firm Imploding Into Chaos! Bankruptcy Imminent!

Mark Stopa Law Firm In Chaos After FDLE Raid And Employees Quit From Stress! The Mark Stopa law firm is in utter chaos and liquidation bankruptcy filing is imminent. Stopa’s immediate suspension in July was only the beginning of the end of the once prominent law firm. The law firm’s office was raided by the Florida […]


Citigroup Slapped with $8.6 Million Fine From Federal Reserve

Citigroup Fined $8.6 Million By Federal Reserve For Robo-Signing Related Issues The Federal Reserve leveled an $8.6 million fine against CitiGroup on Friday. The Federal Reserve stated the fine was due to the “deficient execution and notarization of certain mortgage affidavits. The issue stems from Citigroup’s exit from the mortgage servicing business back in 2017. The […]

Mark Stopa Suspension

Mark Stopa Suspension Is Effective Immediately

Florida Supreme Court Puts Mark Stopa Suspension Into Effect Immediately The Florida Supreme Court made the Mark Stopa suspension official on Friday. The suspension prevents St. Petersburg attorney Mark Stopa from practicing law or signing new clients. He must also stop representing existing clients within 30 days. Stopa’s name must also be removed from his law […]

mark stopa wrongdoing

New Evidence Of Mark Stopa Wrongdoing Emerges

Florida Bar Presents New Evidence Of Mark Stopa Wrongdoing. Florida Bar Demands Immediate Suspension For Stopa The Florida Bar Association has presented new evidence of Attorney Mark Stopa wrongdoing. The Bar is seeking an immediate emergency suspension of Stopa. They claim he appears to be causing great harm to the public by practicing law. The […]

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