New York Homeowners

How New York Homeowners Are Scoring Free Houses

How New York Homeowners Are Scoring Free Houses During Foreclosure Using New York’s Statute Of Limitations Law New York homeowners are using a legal tactic to score a free house during foreclosure. MFI-Miami and our partner law firms used to use a similar tactic in Florida. That was until the Florida Supreme Court stepped in […]

New York Foreclosures

Stop New York Foreclosures

The Only New York Foreclosure Defense Team That Stops New York Foreclosures MFI-Miami has created the most aggressive New York foreclosure defense team to stop New York foreclosures New York has ever seen! We are the only foreclosure and mortgage experts with the strength to successfully challenge any Wall street lender in a New York courtroom. […]

long island foreclosures

Long Island Foreclosures Need Strong Long Island Foreclosure Defense

Long Island Foreclosures Require Aggressive Long Island Foreclosure Defense Only the most aggressive Long Island foreclosure defense can stop Long Island foreclosures. Have you been served with a foreclosure summons and complaint from the New York Supreme Court? MFI-Miami may be able to help you stay in your home. MFI-Miami is taking Long Island foreclosure […]

New York City Foreclosures

New York City Foreclosures Skyrocket! Real Estate Crisis Looming!

New York City Foreclosure Skyrocket! Experts Blame Rising Interest Rates And Skyrocketing Real Estate Values!  New York City foreclosures have skyrocketed and it now involves the billionaire class. It all started a year ago when Nigerian oil tycoon Kolawole Aluko, stopped making payments on his condo at One57. One57 is the crown jewel of Billionaire’s Row in […]

Long Island Veteran Wins Foreclosure Case Against Wells Fargo

Long Island Veteran Wins Foreclosure Case Because Of Wells Fargo Lawyers Missing Deadline A Long Island veteran and his wife won their 12-year battle with Wells Fargo. The appellate division of the state Supreme Court threw out the foreclosure case against them. The court ruled Wells Fargo and MBS trust who allegedly held the note missed New […]

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