New York Foreclosure Law

The New New York Foreclosure Law. Does It Help You?

The New New York Foreclosure Law Is Retroactive: What It Means To You If You Are Facing Foreclosure A new New York foreclosure law went into effect on January 1st. Governor Kathy Hochul signed the Foreclosure Abuse Prevention Act right before the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve. The new law takes effect immediately. […]

Illinois Foreclosure Update

Illinois Foreclosure Update: NewRez Is Cranking Up Foreclosures

Illinois Foreclosure Update – NewRez Is Cranking Up Illinois Foreclosures For The Holidays! Are You Prepared?  Illinois Foreclosure Update – NewRez is cranking up Illinois foreclosures. This is bad news for Illinois homeowners because NewRez is hellbent on seizing your home!  Therefore, MFI-Miami has teamed up with the WeissOrtiz Law Firm to create an Illinois […]

sls scam alert

SLS Scam Alert: SLS Busted Shaking Down New Yorkers

SLS SCAM ALERT: Specialized Loan Servicing Is Shaking Down New York Homeowners Over Zombie Loans. However, SLS Can’t Prove They Own The Debt.  SLS SCAM ALERT! SLS is at it again! They are shaking down New York homeowners again. This time they are acting like a mafia crime boss. Unfortunately, this time it appears Specialized […]

New York State Lawmakers

New York State Lawmakers Push 6-Year Statute Of Limitations

New York State Lawmakers Poised To Restore 6-Year Statute Of Limitations On Foreclosures Before The End Of The Session New York State lawmakers are pushing to restore the six-year statute of limitations on home foreclosures. Last year, New York courts also gave flexibility to lenders and their deadlines. The Foreclosure Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) is […]

JPMorgan Chase Is Sparking

JPMorgan Chase Is Sparking Up Foreclosures In New York

JPMorgan Chase Is Sparking Up New York Foreclosures! Are You Prepared? Call 888.737.6344 Before It’s Too Late! JPMorgan Chase is sparking up New York foreclosures. This is bad news for New York homeowners because JPMorgan Chase is hellbent on taking your home!  Therefore, MFI-Miami has teamed up with several New York law firm to create […]

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