Squatter Ted Visner

Top Ted Visner Militia Commander Commits Suicide

Brigadier General Funshine Bear Of The Ted Visner Militia Throws Himself In Front Of a Speeding Truck   The Ted Visner Militia, now known as the Visnerica Regiment, is in shock today as reports from the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department indicate that newly promoted Brigadier General Funshine Bear threw himself in front of a speeding […]

Simon Property Group

Who Pays For Ted Visner’s Eviction?

The Cost For Ted Visner’s Eviction Could Exceed $150,000 & It Won’t Be Ted Visner Who Pays Ted Visner’s eviction has been the subject of dozens of emails that I have received from people since I started writing about Ted Visner’s eviction last month. Reporters, members of law enforcement and members of various militia groups have […]

Squatter Ted Visner

Squatter Ted Visner Ordered Out Of Love Shack

Judge Tells Squatter Ted Visner He Has No Right To Fight For His Love Shack And Must Leave Isabella County Judge Eric Janes has denied an idiotic motion by angry Wing Nut and Squatter Ted Visner. Visner requested a full public hearing on his eviction.  Judge Janes signed an order on on Monday granting Bank of America the […]

Ted Visner

Ted Visner And The Debt Hidden In His Tinfoil Hat

Ted Visner Is A Victim Of His Own Bad Judgment Not Government Tyranny Several weeks ago, Angry Wing Nut Ted Visner posted a video promising to kill anyone from Michigan law enforcement who attempted to evict him from a house he is squatting in with his girlfriend. Visner also threatened to kill himself thinking it […]

Ted Visner

Ted Visner Promises Epic Gun Battle With Cops At Eviction

Its Pretty Clear Michigan Wing Nut Ted Visner Is A Squatter With Serious Psychiatric Issues Last week, a video of Self-Proclaimed De Jure Sheriff of Isabella County, Michigan, Ted Visner, began circulating on the internet. Various Tea Party groups and Michigan Militia movements (yes, they are still around) began passing it around.   Ted Visner promises […]

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