Mr. Cooper Mortgage

NAMBLA Is Going To Love Mr. Cooper Mortgage

Donations To NAMBLA Seem Appropriate Since Mr. Cooper Mortgage Has A History Of Financially Molesting People An open letter to Mr. Cooper Mortgage CEO Jay Bray. 12/7/2017 Dear Jay Bray,  I know you’re a busy guy like me, so I will make this letter short and to the point. MFI-Miami did investigative work for a […]

Chris Christie

Missouri AG Declares War On Abusive Debt Collectors

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster Launches Crackdown On Tactics By Abusive Debt Collectors Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster announced today a massive crackdown to protect individuals from abusive debt collectors. The problem his office faces is that there are no state laws in Missouri to protect individuals from abusive debt collectors. Under current conditions a consumer’s only option to […]


Bikini Babes On Facebook Could Be Bill Collectors

Debt Collectors Are Using Bikini Babes On Facebook To Collect Debts Debt Collectors are using social media sites like Facebook to get you pay your debts. They are using some pretty innovative ways to get you to disclose information. One common practice is to set up fake accounts. The fake person use pictures of internet […]

Times Have Changed! Blame Canada!

Canadian Bank Hunts Down American Homeowners To Collect Credit Card Debts Rick Jurgens, The Bay Citizen In a significant escalation by debt collectors who pursue consumers for payment, a major Canadian bank has threatened to foreclose on the homes of hundreds of Californians unless they pay back old credit card debts. California law generally makes […]

John & Anna Canaday Claim JPMorgan Chase Called Them 75 Times A Week

The could always do what I did when they kept calling me -Steve The Huffington Post  |  By James Sunshine Canaday Lawsuit Against Chase How many phone calls is too many? For one elderly couple, roughly 75 per week. JPMorgan Chase allegedly called John and Anna Canaday 15 to 75 times a week between 2009 and 2012, […]

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