Federal Trade Commission

Federal Trade Commission Busts $100M Real Estate Scam In Belize

Federal Trade Commission Busts Largest Real Estate Scam Is In The History Of The Agency  The Federal Trade Commission and U.S. Attorneys in Maryland shut down an alleged $100 million real estate scam in Belize. The FTC said the scheme was the largest real estate fraud the agency has uncovered in its history.  The project […]

FTC Shuts Down Websites Preying On Section 8 Renters

FTC Shuts Down Websites Claiming To Have “Exclusive” Access To Section 8 Rental Listings The Federal Trade Commission shut down a series of real estate websites in California that targeted Section 8 voucher recipients. The FTC claims the sites falsely promised “exclusive” access to rental listings in exchange for a monthly or weekly subscription fee. Steven and […]

debt relief scammers

Debt Relief Scammers Lose Fraudulently Obtained Items In Auction

Debt Relief Scammers To Lose Luxury Items In Court Mandated Auction To Pay Victims They Scammed A trio of debt relief scammers had all their toys auctioned off. The three Florida scammers ripped off $80 million from consumers across the country. Last year, U.S. District Judge Cecilia Altonaga entered a preliminary injunction that halted the scam. the Federal […]

telemarketing firms

3 Telemarketing Firms Face $1 Trillion Fine

Three Utah Based Telemarketing Firms Face $1 Trillion Dollar Fine For Calling People On The “Do Not Call” List Three Utah-based telemarketing firms face a massive $1 Trillion fine from the U.S. DOJ on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The three telemarketing firms are waiting on the judge to decide how much they’ll have […]

Boca Ratonians

Provident Funding Associates Settles Lending Discrimination Claims

Provident Funding Associates Was Accused of Lending Discrimination Against African-Americans and Hispanic Borrowers Settlement Provides $9 Million in Compensation to African-American and Hispanic Borrowers The Justice Department and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed a consent order yesterday to resolve allegations that Provident Funding Associates engaged in a pattern or practice of lending discrimination that increased […]

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