Lexington Law

Lexington Law Reaches $2.7B Settlement With The CFPB

The CFPB Has Reached A $2.75 Billion Settlement With Lexington Law And CreditRepair.com The CFPB announced it has reached a $2.75 Billion settlement with Lexington Law and other larger credit repair brands.  The settlement follows a court ruling indicating companies used telemarketers to collect illegal advance fees for credit repair services. The settlement bans companies […]

Supreme Court Has Told

Supreme Court Has Told GOP AGs To Bugger Off From CFPB Suit

US Supreme Court Has Told A Coalition Of 27 State GOP Attorneys General To Bugger Off In CFPB Litigation The US Supreme Court has told a coalition of 27 Republican state attorneys general to bugger off. The high court denied their request to join oral arguments against the constitutionality of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. […]

CFPB Reports Most

CFPB Reports Show Covid Mortgage Forbearances Are Current

CFPB Reports Show Data That Most Pandemic Mortgage Forbearances Prior To March 2021 Are Current Or Are Closed CFPB Reports shows good news for homeowners with mortgage forbearance in March 2021. Homeowner in forbearance were either current or had their forbearance closed as of March 2023. The CFPB Office of Research released data confirming the […]

CFPB Opinion

CFPB Opinion Says Google May Be Violating Section 8 Of RESPA

CFPB Opinion Says Lenders Using Google Ads May Be In Violation Section 8 Of RESPA For Fee Splitting The CFPB has issued an opinion about mortgage comparison site platforms. The agency says these sites could be violating the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) section 8. The CFPB points out that mortgage comparison sites are […]

Successfully Fighting Foreclosures

Successfully Fighting Foreclosures: How To Do It Right!

Successfully Fighting Foreclosures Requires The Strategies Most Foreclosure Defense Attorneys Get Wrong Or Don’t Even Bother Pursuing Homeowners are successfully fighting foreclosures in record numbers since the housing collapse in 2008. Why? Homeowners are realizing they can successfully fight foreclosure actions brought on by unscrupulous mortgage servicers. Or in a worse case, fight the lender […]

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