CFPB Proposes A Registry

CFPB Proposes A Registry Of Fraudsters

CFPB Proposes A Public Registry Of Companies With Disciplinary Actions And Court-Orders To Prevent Recidivism  The CFPB proposes a registry of financial firms when they become subject to CFPB discipline or court orders. The agency proposed on Monday to publish the orders and company information via an online registry. The CFPB proposal would require nonbanks […]

CFPB Spanks Carrington Mortgage

CFPB Spanks Carrington Mortgage For CARES Act Violations

CFPB Spanks Carrington Mortgage With A $5.25 Million Fime For Cheating Homeowners Of Their Rights Under The CARES Act CFPB spanks Carrington Mortgage Services with a $5.25 million fine! Yep, you heard that right. The CFPB claimed Carrington Mortgage committed improper practices related to forbearance plans during the Covid-19 pandemic. CFPB’s director Rohit Chopra said […]

CFPB Wants

The CFPB Wants To Postpone Foreclosures Until 2022

The CFPB Wants To Postpone Foreclosures Until 2022. Can They? Mortgage Servicers Pledge To Fight Proposed Rule! The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau aka CFPB wants to postpone residential foreclosures until 2022. The agency released a proposed rule last week that would bar servicers from starting on foreclosures until 2022. The CFPB also proposed streamlined processes […]

BSI Financial Services

BSI Financial Services Gets Spanked By The CFPB

CFPB Accused BSI Financial Services Of Improperly Handling Mortgage Servicing Transfers The CFPB announced Wednesday that it had concluded an investigation into BSI Financial Services. The agency found that BSI Financial Services had violated multiple federal laws over several years. As a result, the company agreed to pay a penalty of $200,000 and pay restitution estimated […]

Illegal SCRA Foreclosure Alert: Combat Vet Gets $125,000 In Damages

PHH Settles With Oregan Combat Veteran Jacob McGreevey For $125,000 In Illegal SCRA Foreclosure Case Marine Jacob McGreevey discovered he had been a victim of an illegal SCRA foreclosure when he returned to his Oregan home after four years in Afghanistan and Iraq war zones. Last week, the Marine won. PHH Mortgage last week agreed to […]

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