Nazi Clowns

The Day The Cryptic Nazi Clowns Cried

Cryptic Nazi Clowns Dan Castricone And Emily Convers Give Sniveling And Pathetic Defenses Against Accusations Of Bashing Jews You missed the pity party of Cryptic Nazi Clowns Dan Castricone and Emily Convers if you live outside a 25-mile radius of Warwick, New York. The two cryptic Nazis whined and cried about how MFI-Miami is cyber-bullying them. […]

WTBQ Station Manager

Is WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling’s Charity A Scam?

A Complaint With The New York AG’s Charities Bureau Alleges WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling’s Non-Profit Is A Scam We received a few tips that question the legitimacy of WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling’s charity. The tips came in after I posted an article about Sterling declaring bankruptcy while living La Vita Loca in Florida. Sterling aka […]

Robert Krahulik

Are You A Victim Of Facebook Flasher Bob Krahulik?

Attention Ladies! MFI-Miami Would Like To Hear From You If You Were Sent Pictures From Facebook Flasher Bob Krahulik  Pictures of Facebook Flasher Bob Krahulik and his penis were all over the internet In January 2014. Thanks to the former Orange County GOP Chairman blasting them out on social media. Krahulik thought it would be […]

Robert Krahulik

Internet Penis Flasher To Defend WTBQ In Suit

Disgraced Orange County GOP Chairman And Internet Penis Flasher Robert Krahulik To Defend WTBQ In $500K Sammarone Defamation Lawsuit Robert Krahulik was forced to resign as GOP Chairman after he sent penis pictures to several young women. He will also be representing WTBQ in their legal battle with former WTBQ show host Dominick Sammarone.  Sammarone sued […]

WTBQ Station Manager

WTBQ Management Slapped With $500K Defamation Suit

Former WTBQ Radio Personality Dominick Sammarone Slaps WTBQ Management With $500K Defamation Suit Former WTBQ personality Dominick Sammarone is suing radio station WTBQ. He is also suing station owner Frank Truatt and WTBQ management for defamation. The former host of That’s Where The Money Is is suing the station and WTBQ management for $500,000. Sammarone […]

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