Nutso WTBQ Station Manager

Nutso WTBQ Station Manager Turns Station Into Cuckoo TBQ

Video About Nutso WTBQ Station Manager Spreads Faster Than A Herpes Outbreak On Social Media Nutso WTBQ Station Manager Joy Doe aka Taylor Sterling strikes again! This time it was with fellow broadcaster Jonathan Rios. Rios has a 2-hour oldies radio show he markets to community and internet radio stations across the country. He had reached […]

Steve Neuhaus

Steve Neuhaus And His Inner Circle Of Grifters And Perverts

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus Has An Inner Circle  Filled With Grifters And Perverts Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus has a lot of questionable friends. He pals around with perverts like John Allegro and former Orange County GOP Chair Bob Krahulik.  Yet the most influential voice is grifter Taylor Sterling. Sterling is the current manager of […]

disabled veterans

Uncle Buck’s Fundraiser For Disabled Veterans A Rousing Success

Uncle Buck’s Holiday Fundraiser For Disabled Veterans Was A Rousing Success Frank Pileggi, Jr. aka Uncle Buck does a food drive for Orange County’s disabled veterans every year. He does it because he remembers not having food when he was a child. He now gives back to our veterans who deserve the help but are […]

Dr. Bob DeMaria

Could WTBQ Sponsor Dr. Bob DeMaria Kill You?

Quack Medical Advice From WTBQ Sponsor Dr. Bob DeMaria “The Drugless Doctor” Could Kill You Or Someone You Love You have probably heard Dr. Bob DeMaria on Frank Truatt’s morning show on WTBQ. You’re probably thinking Dr. Bob is some type of old school country doctor giving folksy advice about health. That’s not quite true. Dr. […]

Robert Krahulik

WTBQ Recruits Local Pervert Robert Krahulik For Coat Drive

WTBQ Recruits Local Pervert Robert Krahulik To Voice Commercials For Coat Drive It appears WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling is trying her hand at fundraising once again. This time she is attempting a coat drive and she has recruited Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus’ pervert pal Robert Krahulik. Krahulik is doing the voice overs for the […]

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