Roger Gibboni

Roger Gibboni Is A Raging Stunad And Other Observations

Roger Gibboni Invited A Jew Basher To A Rotary Club Meeting 4 Years Ago. Now His Son Junior Is Paying The Price! Life must suck right now for Roger Gibboni, Jr.  He spent a king’s ransom to get a law degree from a prestigious Washington DC law school. He then passes the California Bar with […]

Warwick Valley Rotary Club

Warwick Valley Rotary Club Expels Member For Protesting Nazi Group

Warwick Valley Rotary Club Expels Member For Protesting Speaker Giving “STOP THE JEWS!” Presentation To The Club On Yom Kippur The Warwick Valley Rotary Club appears to have stepped into a pile of deep trouble. The group has managed to piss off both Rotary International and the residents of the Warwick Valley at the same time.  […]

Warwick Valley Rotary

Warwick Valley Rotary Club Hosting Local Cryptic Nazi

Warwick Valley Rotary Club Invites Local Cryptic Nazi Leader. Local Jews Plan On Busing In Protesters The Warwick Valley Rotary Club and WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling seem to be in trouble with Jewish groups. Sterling has apparently invited Emily Convers, the leader of the Jew bashing group United Monroe as a guest to the Warwick Valley […]

Blarney Station

Crazed WTBQ Host Rages Against Another Local Business

Crazed WTBQ Host Taylor Sterling Trashes Another Warwick Valley Chamber Of Commerce Member Because They Won’t Advertise On WTBQ Crazed WTBQ Host Joy Taylor aka Taylor Sterling is back using the airwaves to talk smack about businesses. Businesses that won’t advertise on her boyfriend Frank Truatt’s radio station that is. Sterling didn’t learn her lesson […]


WTBQ Host Has Egg On Her Face After Bashing Local Eatery

WTBQ Host Taylor Sterling Has Egg On Her Face After Trash-Talking Local Business On The Air For Refusing To Advertise On WTBQ Vile And Catty WTBQ Host Taylor Sterling has some serious egg to clean off her face this week. Sterling told listeners of the Frank Truatt Morning Show not to patronize the popular Halligan’s […]

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