Steve Neuhaus

Steve Neuhaus And His Inner Circle Of Grifters And Perverts

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus Has An Inner Circle  Filled With Grifters And Perverts Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus has a lot of questionable friends. He pals around with perverts like John Allegro and former Orange County GOP Chair Bob Krahulik.  Yet the most influential voice is grifter Taylor Sterling. Sterling is the current manager of […]

Steve Neuhaus

Why Is Taylor Sterling of WTBQ Running A Fake Charity?

Several Complaints Allege Charity Run By Taylor Sterling Of WTBQ Is A Scam WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling aka Joy Taylor (one of her many names) likes to brag about her “Feeding Families” charity on the air. She also likes to drone on for hours about all the work she has done with food charities. The […]

WTBQ Station Manager

Is WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling’s Charity A Scam?

A Complaint With The New York AG’s Charities Bureau Alleges WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling’s Non-Profit Is A Scam We received a few tips that question the legitimacy of WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling’s charity. The tips came in after I posted an article about Sterling declaring bankruptcy while living La Vita Loca in Florida. Sterling aka […]

Steve Neuhaus

Bob Krahulik Amateur Porn: Does It Measure Up?

We Asked For It And We Got It! We Have Enough Unconfirmed Bob Krahulik Amateur Porn To Make A Straight Man Go Blind MFI-Miami did a shout out to all the ladies in the Lower Hudson Valley several weeks ago. We wanted to know who received unsolicited amateur porn from Warwick attorney Bob Krahulik. Krahulik is […]

Robert Krahulik

Are You A Victim Of Facebook Flasher Bob Krahulik?

Attention Ladies! MFI-Miami Would Like To Hear From You If You Were Sent Pictures From Facebook Flasher Bob Krahulik  Pictures of Facebook Flasher Bob Krahulik and his penis were all over the internet In January 2014. Thanks to the former Orange County GOP Chairman blasting them out on social media. Krahulik thought it would be […]

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