CFPB Policy Official

CFPB Policy Official In Hot Water For Racist Blog Posts

CFPB Policy Official Eric Blankenstein Used The N-word In Racist Internet Rant About Black People In 2004 CFPB Policy Official Eric Blankenstein is in hot water. The Washington Post discovered a series of racist blog posts he wrote about hate crimes and the n-word. CFPB Policy Official Eric Blankenstein blogged in 2004 under an assumed name of “egb3r”. […]

housing discrimination

Housing Discrimination A Major Problem For Adult Film Stars

Adult Film Stars Face Housing Discrimination By Landlords And Potential Buyers  Female Adult film stars say they often face housing discrimination. Several adult-film actresses claim they have been screwed by potential buyers and landlords because of their profession. Aurora Snow claims adult film performers face discrimination from landlords due to their line of work. She […]

Governor Andrew Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo Wants To Ban Income Discrimination In Housing

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Introduces A Bill To Ban Income Discrimination In Housing It’s an election year in New York and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is up for re-election this year. He’s campaigning hard by making promises to different groups of people. Something his primary opponent, Golden Girls: The Next Generation star Cynthia […]

Trump Loving Racist

Trump Loving Racist Refuses To Sell His Home To Foreigners

Trump Loving Racist James Prater Violates Fair Housing Act By Refusing To Sell His Home To “Foreigners” James Prater is a Trump loving racist from mid-Michigan and he’s trying to sell his house. But you need not enquire if you are a “foreigner.”  Prater has made it clear he won’t sell you his home in […]


Does Specialized Loan Servicing Discriminate Against People of Color?

Elderly Black Man Locked Out Of His Home By Specialized Loan Servicing During Foreclosure Fight.  Specialized Loan Servicing aka SLS has been trying unsuccessfully to foreclose on frail 87-year-old Thomas Brown. Brown’s foreclosure litigation has dragged out for nearly two years. Yet, that didn’t stop SLS from locking the elderly black man out of his […]

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