DOJ Has Sued A Developer For Scamming Hispanic Consumers

The CFPB And DOJ Has Sued A Developer For Targeting Hispanic Consumers With Predatory Loans And Misleading Ads DOJ has sued a Texas developer Colony Ridge. The Department of Justice and the CFPB have alleged Colony Ridge specifically targeted Hispanic consumers with predatory lending practices and misleading advertising. In addition, the DOJ and CFPB claim […]

age discrimination

Age Discrimination In Lending Appears To Be Skyrocketing

Study Shows Age Discrimination In Lending Appears To Skyrocket. Why Are Lenders Giving Older Borrowers The Shaft? It appears mortgage lenders are giving older Americans the shaft. A new study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College shows age discrimination by mortgage lenders is skyrocketing. The study is called, “Are Older Mortgage Applicants […]

Racist Florida Home Appraiser

Racist Florida Home Appraiser Undervalues Home Of Mixed Raced Family

Racist Florida Home Appraiser Busted Undervaluing Mixed Race Family’s Home By $135,000  Abena and Alex Horton are accusing a racist Florida home appraiser of purposely undervaluing their home in Jacksonville, Florida. The appraiser appraised the home in June for $330,000. The home appraised for significantly lower than other homes in the area. the homes in […]

predatory lending

Predatory Lending Contracts Cost African-Americans Billions Of Dollars

African-American Households In Chicago Lost Billions Of Dollars Due To Predatory Lending Contracts  African-American families in Chicago lost between $3 billion and $4 billion in wealth because of predatory lending contracts during the 1950s and 1960s. African Americans used lending contracts or Land Contracts during the Jim Crow Era because white-owned banks would not lend […]

same-sex couples

Same-Sex Couples Face Systematic Lending Discrimination

Same-Sex Couples Face A Lending Discrimination Rate 75% More Often Than Straight Couples A new study from Iowa State University shows systematic lending discrimination against same-sex couples.  The study found gay couples who received a mortgage paid a 0.5 percent higher interest rate on average. The research was conducted by Iowa State University’s Ivy College […]

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