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The Goldman Sachs Slaughter Begins!

The Goldman Sachs Slaughter Begins. Bank Fires Employees At All Levels After Dishing Out Bonuses And Hiking Salaries During Pandemic The Goldman Sachs mass slaughter has begun! The bank has launched a wave of mass layoffs of workers across the US. 18 months ago the bank was dishing out cushy bonuses and high salaries during […]

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Massive Wall Street Layoffs Imminent As Banking Profits Plummet

Massive Wall Street Layoffs Of Junior Bankers Is Imminent As Banking Giants See Profits Plummet Wall Street spent the past year acting like the financial bulimics they are. They spent the past year binging on bankers and now they are leaning over the world toilet ready to puke it all out. Junior bankers are predicting […]

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs To Offer Free Sex Changes For British Staff

Goldman Sachs To Offer Free Sex Changes For British Staff. The Bid Is To Rid Its Image Of An “Old Boys’ Club” International bank Goldman Sachs bank is offering its UK employees free sex-change surgery as part of the insurance policy. Goldman Sachs employees in London offices will also be able to receive hormone treatment […]

Goldman sachs

Goldman Sachs Battles Contagious Virus On It’s Trading Floor

Goldman Sachs Battles Epidemic Of The Contagious Mumps Virus On It’s Trading Floor Goldman Sachs is battling to contain a rare but contagious outbreak of mumps after several employees contracted the disease. Several employees on one of its trading floors showed signs of the disease last week. A Goldman Sachs employee with knowledge of the […]

Is Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein About To Sing So Long Farewell?

Rumors Circulate On Wall Street That Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein Is Preparing To Sing So Long Farewell The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein is preparing to sing So Long Farewell to Goldman Sachs. Blankfein has led the firm since 2006. He was also at the helm steering it through the 2008 […]

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