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Former Lawyer And Bank Director Faces 125 Years In Prison

Former Lawyer And Bank Director Mendel Zilberberg Faces 125 Years In Prison For $1.5 Million Straw Deal Scam A former lawyer who ran a Manhattan bank faces 125 years in federal prison. A federal jury convicted Mendel Zilberberg for engaging a straw buyer for a $1.5 million fraudulent loan scam. The scam led to the […]

former porn lawyer

Former Porn Lawyer Off To Federal Prison For Mortgage Fraud

Former Porn Lawyer Paul Nicoletti Is Going To Federal Prison For 70 Months After Committing Mortgage Fraud Former porn lawyer Paul Nicoletti was sentenced to 70 months in federal prison. A federal jury found Nicoletti guilty on one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud. They also found him guilty of three counts of bank […]


Former Bankrate CFO Gets 10 Years In The Slammer

Former Bankrate CFO Gets 10 Years In The Slammer For Cooking The Books To The Tune Of $25 Million Former Bankrate CFO Edward DiMaria is going to prison for 10 years. The former Bankrate CFO pleaded guilty to orchestrating a fraud scheme that caused more than $25 million in shareholder losses. Bankrate is a publisher and news aggregator […]

mortgage shotgunning

Mortgage Shotgunning Scheme Sends Real Estate Broker To Prison

Real Estate Broker Sentenced to Prison for Role in Defrauding Banks in $3.5 Million Mortgage Shotgunning Scheme New York real estate broker Michael Arroyo and a Bergen County homeowner Rafael Popoteur are going to prison. The court sentenced the pair for their respective roles in a $3.5 million mortgage shotgunning scheme. Arroyo and Popoteur used […]

Senator Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders Under FBI Investigation For Bank Fraud

Senator Bernie Sanders And His Wife Hire High Profile Lawyers In FBI Bank Fraud Investigation  Senator Bernie Sanders and his wife have hired prominent defense attorneys amid an FBI investigation into a loan Jane Sanders obtained to expand Burlington College while she was its president. MFI-Miami first wrote about Jane Sanders’ mismanagement of Burlington College in […]

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