beat my foreclosure

I Beat My Foreclosure. How Do I Get My Lender To Pay Up?

I Beat My Foreclosure In Florida. How Do I Get My Greedy SOB Lender To Pay My Legal Bill?  So now you have bragging rights. You are one of the few homeowners in Florida who can hold their head up high and proclaim, “I beat my foreclosure!”  So, now you’re feeling euphoric. Your head is […]

Florida Foreclosure Defense Strategies

Florida Foreclosure Defense Strategies That Will Stop A Lender

Florida Foreclosure Defense Strategies That Will Prevent Your Lender From Taking Your Home The following Florida foreclosure defense strategies can act as a way to bar a lender from taking your home. However, there are other factors you need to keep in mind. Florida judge assigned to your foreclosure case could be a wild card. […]

Florida Appellate Courts

Florida Appellate Courts Getting Irked By Trial Court Foreclosure Rulings

Florida Appellate Courts Irritated By Moronic Trial Court Foreclosure Rulings  The Florida Appellate Courts have consistently ruled that a lender must be able to adequately prove legal standing before initiating a foreclosure action. Yet, this hasn’t stopped circuit court judges from blindly following whatever bullshit a foreclosure mill lawyer feeds them. Nor has it stopped […]

Florida Foreclosure Victims

Victorious Florida Foreclosure Victims Not Entitled To Legal Fees

Florida 4th DCA Rules Victorious Foreclosure Victims Cannot Collect Legal Fees From The Foreclosing Party Florida foreclosure victims who beat their foreclosure are not entitled to attorney fees. The Florida 4th District Court of Appeals ruled homeowners cannot collect appellate legal fees despite being the prevailing party. Borrowers Frederick and Jonelle Sabido successfully argued Bank […]

illegal foreclosures

Florida Firm Eyes Illegal Foreclosures

Florida Firm MFI-Miami Eyes Illegal Foreclosures ICYMI – MFI-Miami was profiled in National Mortgage News about illegal foreclosures in Florida National Mortgage News January 26, 2009 January 30, 2009 Copyright 2009 SourceMedia, Inc. Jennifer Harmon WEST PALM BEACH, FL-MFI-Miami here, a mortgage fraud investigation and forensic auditing firm, said it is launching an investigation against […]

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