slimy florida landlord

Slimy Florida Landlord Uses Ejection Law To Evict 91-Year Old Tenant

Slimy Florida Landlord Uses Ejection Law To Evict 91-Year Old Tenant To Evade Florida’s COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium The slimy Florida landlord in South Beach is suing his tenant for alleged nonpayment. However, landlord Joshua Goldberg filed the claim as an “ejectment” rather than an eviction.  Goldberg alleges he previously canceled the rental agreement with his […]

Florida Appellate Courts

Florida Appellate Courts Getting Irked By Trial Court Foreclosure Rulings

Florida Appellate Courts Irritated By Moronic Trial Court Foreclosure Rulings  The Florida Appellate Courts have consistently ruled that a lender must be able to adequately prove legal standing before initiating a foreclosure action. Yet, this hasn’t stopped circuit court judges from blindly following whatever bullshit a foreclosure mill lawyer feeds them. Nor has it stopped […]

Note Endorsements

Incomplete Note Endorsements Are Grounds To Toss A Foreclosure

Florida 2nd DCA Upholds An Argument That Incomplete Note Endorsements Are Not Valid Endorsements! MFI-Miami has been making the argument for years that incomplete note endorsements are invalid. Unfortunately, getting a Florida Circuit Court judge to agree with you is a crap shoot. Most Circuit Court judges want to maintain the status quo and stick to […]

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