Roger Rathbun

Roger Rathbun: The Downfall Of A Bullying Foreclosure Mill Lawyer

Roger Rathbun Went From Being A Bullying Foreclosure Mill Attorney To A Disbarred Homeless Addict   Former Kronenberg Kelly attorney Roger Rathbun was on top of the world 10 years ago. Every foreclosure mill in Florida wanted him and they paid through the nose to get him. They brought him in on difficult foreclosure cases.  Rathbun […]

Florida Foreclosure Tsunami

Is Another Florida Foreclosure Tsunami On The Horizon?

Another Florida Foreclosure Tsunami Is Gathering On The Horizon Thanks To Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Listen up, Florida! Another Florida foreclosure tsunami is on the horizon. However, this time it’s not the fault of incompetent or greedy Wall Street bankers. The blame this time will rest at feet of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the […]

Financial Necromancer SLS

Financial Necrophiliac SLS Is Still Trying To Collect Zombie Debt

Financial Necrophiliac SLS Is Still Trying To Illegally Collect On Decades Old Zombie Debt From Homeowners.  Financial necromancer SLS is still at it. They are still trying to collect on decades old zombie second mortgage debt from homeowners. Most of the homeowners that Specialized Loan Servicing are illegally harassing had their second mortgages wiped out […]

beat my foreclosure

I Beat My Foreclosure. How Do I Get My Lender To Pay Up?

I Beat My Foreclosure In Florida. How Do I Get My Greedy SOB Lender To Pay My Legal Bill?  So now you have bragging rights. You are one of the few homeowners in Florida who can hold their head up high and proclaim, “I beat my foreclosure!”  So, now you’re feeling euphoric. Your head is […]

Florida Foreclosure Defense Strategies

Florida Foreclosure Defense Strategies That Will Stop A Lender

Florida Foreclosure Defense Strategies That Will Prevent Your Lender From Taking Your Home The following Florida foreclosure defense strategies can act as a way to bar a lender from taking your home. However, there are other factors you need to keep in mind. Florida judge assigned to your foreclosure case could be a wild card. […]

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