FHA Loan Denials

Where FHA Loan Denials For Minorities are The Highest

These 12 Cities Have The Highest FHA Loan Denials For Minorities In The United States FHA loan denials increased across the board after the housing crash. As a result, they remain higher than they were 20 years ago. The proportion of FHA denial rates for white and black applicants has narrowed over the past 20 years. […]

False claims Act Suit

False Claims Act Suit May Force Quicken Out of FHA

The DOJ’s False Claims Act Suit Could Force Quicken Loans To Give Up FHA The legal battle between Quicken Loans and the DOJ may drive Quicken out of FHA lending. The DOJ’s alleges that Quicken knowingly submitting hundreds of fraudulent loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration Quicken Loans owner Dan Gilbert had several of his infamous Veruca […]

Reverse Mortgage Spouses

Judge Rules Reverse Mortgage Spouses have Borrower Rights

Reverse Mortgage Spouses Now Have Same Rights As Borrower Reverse Mortgage Spouses now have the same survivor rights as borrowers who have conventional mortgages. A recent Florida Court of Appeals ruling says the definition of “borrower” in reverse mortgages includes surviving spouses.  This was following recent changes made by HUD that expanded the rights of non-borrower […]

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