False claims Act Suit

False Claims Act Suit May Force Quicken Out of FHA

The DOJ’s False Claims Act Suit Could Force Quicken Loans To Give Up FHA The legal battle between Quicken Loans and the DOJ may drive Quicken out of FHA lending. The DOJ’s alleges that Quicken knowingly submitting hundreds of fraudulent loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration Quicken Loans owner Dan Gilbert had several of his infamous Veruca […]

Quicken Loans

US DOJ Sues Quicken Loans Under False Claims Act

Quicken Loans Faces Losing Billions Of Dollars If Found Liable Under False Claims Act Detroit-based Quicken Loans has been sued by the DOJ today under the False Claims Act. The DOJ alleges that Quicken bullied appraisers to receive higher values for applicants. They also allege underwriting managers encouraged underwriters to “fudge” the incomes of hundreds […]

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