Simon Property Group

Is Simon Property Group In Trouble Over An Alleged Insurance Fraud Scheme?

Could Simon Property Group Stock Take A Hit Because Of An Alleged $20 Million Insurance Fraud Scheme? It appears an alleged insurance scam by Simon Property Group executives just blew up in the company’s face. Simon Property Group filed an insurance claim with Great American Insurance Company in 2012. Simon then attempted to criminally charge […]

Foreclosure Fraud

Florida 4th DCA Upholds MFI-Miami Argument

Florida 4th DCA Overturned A Lower Court Decision And Upheld MFI-Miami’s Argument That JPMorgan Chase Lacked Standing To Foreclose   The Florida 4th DCA handed down a ruling today favorable to an MFI-Miami client. The 4th DCA confirmed MFI-Miami’s findings that JPMorgan Chase lacked the standing to foreclose against Yosvani Alfonso. The Florida 4th DCA […]

Simon Property Group

Craig Brand Talks Asset Forfeiture With Max Keiser

Abuse Of Asset Forfeiture Laws By Police Is Becoming A Huge Problem In The U.S. Attorney Craig Brand of The Brand Law Firm, PA appeared on the Keiser Report today on RT. Craig Brand represents victims of asset forfeiture by overzealous law enforcement and government agencies. Craig and host Max Keiser discussed how the federal and […]

MFI-Miami Client Does To Deutsche Bank What The Russians Did To Their Wehrmacht Grandfathers

MFI-Miami Client Finally Receives Foreclosure Dismissal With Prejudice After Fending Off Five Foreclosure Attempts By OCWEN And Deutsche Bank   MFI-Miami client Lee Friedman was one of MFI-Miami’s first clients in 2008. We immediately found signature forgeries on his loan documents and other serious fraudulent actions. These actions were taken by his originating lender, Michigan-based Home Loan […]

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