How Michigan Cities Discourage Small Business

Conservative or Liberal. White or Black, Politicians All Over Michigan Are Looking For A Free Handout For over a century, Roma Cafe has witnessed Michigan and Detroit’s rise and fall. The story of Roma Cafe also shows the optimism Detroiters have toward the future of the city. “Money and corruption are ruining the land, crooked […]

Quicken Loans Fraud

Does Quicken Loans Utilize The Li’l Bastard Brainwashing Kit?

The Quicken Loans Brainwashing Kit Makes Employees Say, “All Hail, Glorious Leader Of Quicken Loans” Back in the day when I originated loans in Metro Detroit, I had friends who worked at Quicken Loans and it was apparent they drank the special  Dan Gilbert flavored Kool-Aid. It got to the point where they would meet […]

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