rocket mortgage fraud lawsuit

Rocket Mortgage Fraud Lawsuit Can Proceed Says Federal Judge

A Federal Judge Is Allowing A Rocket Mortgage Fraud Lawsuit To Proceed. Plaintiffs Allege Rocket Committed Fraud And Violated TILA. A federal judge in Pennsylvania last week dismissed five claims in a Rocket Mortgage fraud lawsuit. However, he did allow two other claims to stand. Two property owners in North Carolina sued Rocket in October […]

dan gilbert insider trading

Dan Gilbert Insider Trading Accusations Rattle Rocket Mortgage

Accusations Of Dan Gilbert Insider Trading Rattle Rocket Mortgage. Recent Court Ruling Is Sending Senior Executives Into A Frenzy A federal judge in Detroit has green-lighted the continuation of a class action lawsuit against Rocket Companies, Rocket Holdings, Inc., chairman Dan Gilbert and Rocket CEO Jay Farner. The suit revolves around accusations of Dan Gilbert […]

Beaumont Hospital

Beaumont Hospital Gives Quicken Loans Owner Complimentary Drool Cup

Beaumont Hospital Gives Quicken Loans Owner Dan Gilbert Complimentary Drool Cup As He Leaves For Rehab Beaumont Hospital in suburban Detroit has released Quicken Loans owner Dan Gilbert. Gilbert suffered a near-fatal stroke right after Memorial Day. Quicken Loans and Gilbert’s family have given few details about Gilbert’s diagnosis or prognosis since his stroke. Doctors […]

Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans Throws In The Towel And Agrees To Pay Fine To Feds

Quicken Loans Throws In The Towel And Agrees To Settle DOJ’s False Claims Act Lawsuit For $32.5 Million Quicken Loans and Dan Gilbert did something Gilbert claimed they would never do. They caved to the government. They agreed t0 settle with the government over Quicken Loans FHA lending practices. Quicken has agreed to pay the […]

sore loser dan gilbert

Sore Loser Dan Gilbert And His Lawyers Go Full Blown Joan Crawford

Sore Loser Dan Gilbert And His Lawyers Have Joan Crawford Style Conniption Fit. They Refuse To Pay $740 Million Verdict  Sore loser Dan Gilbert is having another one of his over-the-top Joan Crawford style public conniption fits. It’s not the first time Gilbert and his organization have had temper tantrums when Gilbert doesn’t get what he […]

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