Wayne County Register of Deeds

The Wayne County Register of Deeds Is Shaking People Down

The Document Prices At The Wayne County Register of Deeds Are The Highest In The Country Let’s be honest. The Wayne County Register of Deeds Office in Detroit, Michigan is a wreck. Fees are outrageous and the staff treats people worse than Patty and Selma treat people at the DMV on The Simpsons. In other words, […]

How Michigan Cities Discourage Small Business

Conservative or Liberal. White or Black, Politicians All Over Michigan Are Looking For A Free Handout For over a century, Roma Cafe has witnessed Michigan and Detroit’s rise and fall. The story of Roma Cafe also shows the optimism Detroiters have toward the future of the city. “Money and corruption are ruining the land, crooked […]

Black On White Racism Or Angry For Not Receiving A Bribe?

Wayne County Register of Deeds Bernie Youngblood Has A Serious Problem On His Hands  I have been writing about my friend Kelly Parker. Kelly Parker is a single mom from Detroit who is battling cancer. She is also battling the bureaucratic nightmare of Wayne County. Wayne County was trying to take her home. It was pretty […]


Why Homeowners Shouldn’t Play Amateur Lawyer

Attention Homeowners: You Are Not Ben Matlock I like to keep up with homeowners who like to play Ben Matlock. So over Labor Day weekend, I discovered a series of “Notary Certificate of Protest and Judgement In Estoppel” filed with National Republic Registry in Texas which is a for-profit registry service (imagine a poor man’s MERS) […]

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