michigan zombie foreclosures

Michigan Zombie Foreclosures: Second Lien Holders Are Coming!

Michigan Zombie Foreclosures: An Army Of Bottom Feeding Lawyers Are On The March To Shake You Down! Armies of bottom-feeding lawyers armed with thousands of Michigan Zombie foreclosures coming! They are barging down the doors of courthouses across Michigan like Walmart shopper on Black Friday hoping for free money for their clients. This time around […]

new york zombie foreclosures

New York Zombie Foreclosures! Fannie Mae Is Coming To Get You!

Fannie Mae Is Conjuring New York Zombie Foreclosures! New York zombie foreclosures are rising from their long-forgotten graves. Surprisingly, it’s not servicers or New York lawyers leading the conjuring of these long-dead foreclosures. It’s taxpayer bailed out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac doing it. New York homeowners discovered they are now facing ramifications for defaulting […]

PHH Mortgage

NYDFS Slaps PHH Mortgage With $119,000 Fine For One Property

NYDFS Investigation Found PHH Mortgage Failed To Maintain Single Foreclosed Property New York has issued its first fine under its new Zombie Home Law. The lucky recipient is PHH Mortgage. The state of New York enacted the laws in 2016 to address the state’s issues with zombie homes. New York requires lenders and mortgage servicers to report […]

CFPB to Look Into Zombie Foreclosures

Richard Zombeck, Justizz.com Zombie foreclosures are when a bank or servicer starts foreclosure proceedings, the homeowner moves out, and then the bank fails to follow through. The homeowner is then left in a sort limbo, waiting for the ball to drop leaving them holding the bag. This has resulted in hundreds of thousands of properties […]

The Second Coming Of Zombie Foreclosures

Les Christie @CNNMoney Borrowers are discovering that their foreclosed homes are coming back to haunt them — long after they have moved out. In these so-called zombie foreclosures, borrowers move out of their homes after their bank schedules a foreclosure auction only to find out months or years later that the auction never took place or the bank […]

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