Wells Fargo Retaliation

Catty Wells Fargo Retaliation Against Critics Has A Long History

Catty Wells Fargo Retaliation Against Critics Has A Long Cold & Calculated History That Goes Back Nearly A Decade Wells Fargo retaliation against their critics has been going on for a nearly a decade. The attempted retaliation is catty in its nature and shows how immature, egomaniacal, and/or narcissistic their executives are. Take your pick. […]

U.S. Sues Wells Fargo, Accusing It of Lying About Mortgages

Peter Lattman, NY Times United States prosecutors sued Wells Fargo on Tuesday, accusing it of lying about the quality of the mortgages it handled under a federal housing program. It was the latest in a series of lawsuits related to banks’ lending practices during the housing boom. In a lawsuit filed in Federal District Court […]

Ex-Loan Officer Says Wells Fargo Targeted Blacks With “Ghetto Loans”

Our Friend Beth Jacobson Was Profiled In The Washington Post Ylan Q. Mui, Washington Post For nearly a decade, Beth Jacobson lived inside the vast machinery of subprime mortgages that shook the nation’s economy. In sworn court testimony, she described watching loan officers comb through heavily African American areas such as Baltimore and Prince George’s County, forging relationships with […]

Wells Fargo Settles Ghetto Loans Lawsuit W/ Memphis For $432M

Rick Rothacker, Reuters via Huffington Post Wells Fargo & Co has promised $432.5 million in lending and other payments to end a lawsuit accusing the bank of discriminatory lending practices in Memphis, Tennessee. The fourth-largest bank by assets has set a five-year lending goal in Memphis and surrounding Shelby County of $425 million, including $125 […]

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