Another Wells Fargo

Another Wells Fargo Criminal Investigation Begins

Federal Prosecutors In Manhattan Launch Another Wells Fargo  Criminal Investigation Over Its Sham Hiring Practices Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have launched another Wells Fargo criminal investigation. Investigators say they are investigating bank managers who conducted sham interviews with minority and female candidates. Bank managers allegedly interviewed minority candidates for roles that were already filled. The […]

wells fargo ceo

Former Wells Fargo CEO Fined $17.5 Million For Fake Accounts Fiasco

The OCC Has Personally Fined Former Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf $17.5 Million For Fake Accounts Fiasco Wells Fargo indicated just over a week ago that the fallout from its fake account scandal was far from over. The bank is disclosing that it has at least $3.1 billion set aside for expected litigation payouts. In […]

Wells Fargo Tellers

Wells Fargo Tellers Busted Harassing Black Customers

Wells Fargo Tellers Call Cops On Elderly Black Bank Manager From Another Bank For Attempting To Cash A Check It seems like white Wells Fargo tellers aren’t immune from calling police on black people for doing everyday things. This pandemic of white paranoia has even hit culturally diverse South Florida. An elderly black woman in Florida […]

Wells Fargo Retaliation

Catty Wells Fargo Retaliation Against Critics Has A Long History

Catty Wells Fargo Retaliation Against Critics Has A Long Cold & Calculated History That Goes Back Nearly A Decade Wells Fargo retaliation against their critics has been going on for a nearly a decade. The attempted retaliation is catty in its nature and shows how immature, egomaniacal, and/or narcissistic their executives are. Take your pick. […]

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