land contract fraud

Land Contract Fraud Alert: Detroit Landowner Accused Of Fraud

Land Contract Fraud Alert: Detroit’s Biggest Landowner Michael G. Kelly Accused Of Land Contract Fraud Most Detroiters have never heard of Michael G. Kelly. Yet, Kelly is one of Detroit’s biggest landowners. Kelly is now being accused of land contract fraud. Plaintiffs allege the contracts are fraudulent and predatory. However, the term predatory doesn’t always apply […]

Michigan Treasury

Michigan Treasury Shakes Google Down For $3.1 Million “Assessment”

Michigan Treasury Shakes Down Google Like Gangsters If you have ever had the misfortune of owning in a business in Michigan, you know that dealing with the Michigan Treasury is like being inLynch-directed directed episode of The Sopranos. The Michigan Department of Treasury does what they call an “assessment” to determine how much you as […]

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