land contract fraud

Land Contract Fraud Alert: Detroit Landowner Accused Of Fraud

Land Contract Fraud Alert: Detroit’s Biggest Landowner Michael G. Kelly Accused Of Land Contract Fraud Most Detroiters have never heard of Michael G. Kelly. Yet, Kelly is one of Detroit’s biggest landowners. Kelly is now being accused of land contract fraud. Plaintiffs allege the contracts are fraudulent and predatory. However, the term predatory doesn’t always apply […]

Bill Proctor Does What Prosecutors And The Cops Won’t Do

He Relentlessly Investigates Real Estate Fraudster Leonard Bale Bill Proctor, WXYZ 7 Action News Investigator Bill Proctor broke the story about Leonard Bale, a West Bloomfield real estate investor who has been selling homes that buyers later found to be in some stage of foreclosure, according to property records. We’ve now learned from our own […]

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