Aggressive Manhattan Foreclosure Defense

Aggressive Manhattan Foreclosure Defense That TKOs Your Foreclosure!

Manhattan Defense Has Become Tougher. Do You Have A Winning Manhattan Foreclosure Defense Team? Call 888.737.6344 The economy is uncertain. Inflation is out of control. Interest rates are rising. Manhattan foreclosures are on the increase. Worst of all, foreclosures are getting tougher to fight. So, do you have the most aggressive Manhattan foreclosure defense team?  […]

harlem homeowner

Harlem Homeowner Sees Mortgage Balloon From $100,000 To $7 Million

Elderly Harlem Homeowner Giselle Allard’s Mortgage Balloons From $100,000 To $7 Million  An elderly Harlem homeowner who owns four Harlem brownstones may end up homeless. All because of the massive debt on one of the properties that ballooned beyond control. What began as a $100,000 mortgage 20 years ago on a dirt-cheap piece of property […]

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