bronx covid-19 foreclosure defense

Aggressive Bronx COVID-19 Foreclosure Defense! Call 917.426.5958

An Aggressive Bronx COVID-19 Foreclosure Defense Stops A Bronx Foreclosure Defense  MFI-Miami has created the most aggressive Bronx COVID-19 foreclosure defense team for aggressively stopping Bronx foreclosures! We are also the only foreclosure and mortgage experts with the strength to successfully challenge any lender in a Bronx courtroom. Our competitors show off one or two […]

bronx bankruptcy lawyers

Are Bronx Bankruptcy Lawyers Lying To You?

Are Bronx Bankruptcy Lawyers Lying You About Foreclosures? Bankruptcy Does NOT Stop A Foreclosure! Let’s be honest. Bronx Bankruptcy Lawyers are business owners. They want your money. They will sing and dance the Jitterbug on their desk to convince you to give them your hard-earned cash. Matter of fact, there is little they won’t do […]

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