NYCHA Supervisors

NYCHA Supervisors Busted Having Drunken Sex Orgies

NYCHA Supervisors In Throggs Neck Busted Having Sex Orgies With Subordinates  The NYCHA has reassigned several NYCHA Supervisors for allegedly having drunken orgies while on the job. The shocking allegations surfaced on Monday. Sources claim NYCHA supervisors and subordinates would engage in wild sex parties inside city-owned properties. This included offices, the groundskeepers’ shop and empty […]


NYCHA Hasn’t Performed Lead Paint Inspections In Over A Year

NYCHA Put Thousands Of Children At Risk For Lead Poisoning Because It Failed To Perform Lead Paint Inspections  NYCHA has failed to perform lead paint inspection for over a year and Mayor de Blasio knew about. Local law and federal regulation required the agency to perform inspections yearly. Mayor de Blasio knew NYCHA was in […]

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