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Chicagoland Foreclosure Defense: Call 888.737.6344

The Chicagoland Foreclosure Defense Team That Fights To Help You Stay In Your Home. Call 888.737.6344 MFI-Miami has teamed up with Weiss Ortiz law firm to create a Chicagoland foreclosure defense team to fight Chicagoland foreclosures. The team’s focus will solely be on helping Chicago homeowners develop strategies to fight Illinois foreclosures! We are the […]

select portfolio

Select Portfolio Servicing Caves! Walks Away From Foreclosure Battle.

Select Portfolio Servicing Voluntarily Dismisses Foreclosure Case With Prejudice Against MFI-Miami Client MFI-Miami client Eliaquin Ortega scored a decisive victory against Select Portfolio Servicing. Attorney Claudio Cedrez-Pellegrino successfully argued MFI-Miami’s findings that led to victory in the case. MFI-Miami found that the MBS Trust (Multiclass Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Chaseflex Trust Series 2007-M1) did not have legal standing […]

Stephen Dibert

The Real Deal Profiles MFI-Miami CEO Stephen Dibert

MFI-Miami CEO Stephen Dibert Was Profiled In The Real Estate Publication The Real Deal MFI-Miami CEO Stephen Dibert was profiled in the real estate publication, Real Deal. The Real Deal is one of the most prominent real estate websites along the east coast of the United States. Cleaning up the mortgage mess By Sally Apgar | October 05, 2009  South Florida […]

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