Truth Social

Truth Social Alert! Donald Trump’s New Twitter Ripoff A Major Flop!

Truth Social Has Flaccid Launch. Trump’s Heavily Promoted Twitter Knock Off Appears To Be A Failure Donald Trump’s Twitter knock off, Truth Social, is failing miserably and that’s not good news for him. Donald Trump was hoping to use it as a microphone like he did with Twitter as he weighs another run for the […]

Deadbeat Donald Trump

Deadbeat Donald Trump Stiffs 14 Cities Out Of $2 Million For MAGA Rallies

Deadbeat Donald Trump Owes 14 Cities And Local Municipalities $2 Million For MAGA Rallies.  It appears Deadbeat Donald Trump and his presidential campaign owes nearly $2 million to 14 U.S. cities. The fees and late fines are for unpaid police and public safety services for his MAGA rallies. Some of the unpaid fees and penalties […]

Did The Lincoln Project Bamboozle Democrats Out Of $67 Million?

Liberal Groups Spent $67 Million With The Lincoln Project. The GOP Super PAC Promised It Would Shrink Trump’s Base. It Never Happened. You probably saw a lot of anti-Trump ads on TV and social media by the Lincoln Project. But, what was the Lincoln Project? The Lincoln Project was a group of longtime Republican operatives […]

Trump Scam Alert

Trump Busted Using Election Defense Solicitations To Pay Campaign Debt

Trump Busted Using Election Defense Funds To Pay Off Campaign Debt Instead Of Fighting Election Results As Promised  Shout it from the rooftops, DONALD TRUMP BUSTED YET AGAIN FOR PULLING ANOTHER CON!  This time on his own contributors and devotees.  As everyone knows President Trump is trying to cling to the White House with wild […]

Deutsche Bank Plans To Foreclose On Trump Real Estate

Deutsche Bank Plans To Foreclose On Trump Organization Properties If They Can’t Dump Trump’s $340 Million Debt Deutsche Bank plans to end the bank’s relationship with the Trump Organization and Donald Trump after the U.S. elections. The Trump Organization owes the bank about $340 million. The loans are against Trump’s golf course in Miami and […]

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