miami fraudster Caroline Weiss

Miami Fraudster Caroline Weiss Stiffs Lawyer Out Of $1.64 Million

Fantasies About Appearing Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous Are Over For Miami Fraudster Caroline Weiss. Her Lawyer Michael Schlesinger Says She Owes Him $1.64 Million. Miami fraudster Caroline Weiss can kiss any chance of her being profiled on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous good-bye. Why? Well, she couldn’t delivering her pipe dream to […]

Romspen Just Got Spanked By The Florida 3rd DCA

Romspen Just Got Spanked By The 3rd DCA In Weiss Fraud Case. This Is Going To Hurt The Canadian Lender In More Ways Than One! Yes, you read that right. Romspen just got spanked hard by the Florida 3rd DCA in Miami in the Caroline Weiss fraud case. Now, Romspen and their investors are out […]

Romspen Super Lawyer

Will A Romspen Super Lawyer Cost Romspen $21 Million?

Romspen Super Lawyer Dean Morande May Have Cost His Client Millions Of Dollars In The Weiss Fraud Controversy Romspen Super Lawyer Dean Morande is like other self-proclaimed “Super” lawyers in South Florida.  These “Super Lawyers” all have one thing in common. They believe it makes them stand out as one of South Florida’s preeminent lawyers. […]

Romspen Investment Corp. Sues Fake Real Estate Tycoon

Canadian Lender Romspen Investment Corp. Sues Fake Real Estate Tycoon Caroline Weiss For Foreclosure After Throwing $21.3 Million At Her Are you an inexperienced real estate developer who is being sued for fraud by your own daughter and need a $21.3 million dollar loan? Well, we have perfect lender for you! Yes, Canadian lender Romspen […]


Romspen Sued For $21M In Miami Real Estate Fraud Case

Canadian Commercial Lender Romspen Sued For Securing A $21 Million Loan To Properties Allegedly Obtained Fraudulently By Caroline Weiss Chicago attorney Adeena Weiss-Ortiz is suing Canadian commercial lender Romspen in Miami. The lawsuit which you can read below alleges Romspen (then known as TIG Romspen) loaned alleged Miami fraudster and Weiss-Ortiz’s mother, Caroline Weiss $21.3 […]

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