Justin Trudeau

Another Justin Trudeau Scandal? Is PM Too Cozy With Romspen?

Is There Another Justin Trudeau Scandal On The Horizon? The Trudeau Government Ignores Pleas From Victims Of Romspen’s Multi-Million Investor Scam. Is there another Justin Trudeau scandal on the horizon? Yes, there very well could be. The controversy prone Canadian Prime Minister is stepping into another scandal. This time involving Romspen. Romspen is the Toronto-based […]

miami fraudster Caroline Weiss

Miami Fraudster Caroline Weiss Stiffs Lawyer Out Of $1.64 Million

Fantasies About Appearing Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous Are Over For Miami Fraudster Caroline Weiss. Her Lawyer Michael Schlesinger Says She Owes Him $1.64 Million. Miami fraudster Caroline Weiss can kiss any chance of her being profiled on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous good-bye. Why? Well, she couldn’t delivering her pipe dream to […]

Romspen Is Scamming Grandma and Grandpa

Romspen Is Scamming Grandma And Grandpa Out Of Their Pension. Retirees Have Christened Them, “Rob ‘Em And Spend”  Canadian commercial lender Romspen is on track to be a major black eye for the Canadian financial sector and could face insolvency in the near future. Why? Romspen is scamming grandma and grandpa out of their pension. […]

Deceptive Romspen Loan-To-Own

The Deceptive Romspen Loan-To-Own Toxic Financing Scam

Commercial Borrowers Beware: The Deceptive Romspen Loan-To-Own Toxic Financing Scam That Could Cost You Everything  There has been a particular odd pattern in which Canadian commercial lender Romspen has been lending money in the past ten years. The reason this is particularly odd is that Romspen is lending against projects that don’t generate any revenue […]

Romspen Just Got Spanked By The Florida 3rd DCA

Romspen Just Got Spanked By The 3rd DCA In Weiss Fraud Case. This Is Going To Hurt The Canadian Lender In More Ways Than One! Yes, you read that right. Romspen just got spanked hard by the Florida 3rd DCA in Miami in the Caroline Weiss fraud case. Now, Romspen and their investors are out […]

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