Regions Bank

Regions Bank VP June Pridmore Fired For Racist Obama Rant

Racist Regions Bank VP June Pridmore Fired For Racist Facebook Rant About President Obama June Pridmore was fired as Regions Bank Vice President by the bank on Wednesday. Pridmore posted a series of Donald Trump-inspired racist comments about President Obama and his family. She claimed the Obamas were Muslims. Then Pridmore also alluded to how […]

Melissa Gilbert's Racist Fan Base

Melissa Gilbert’s Racist Fans Are Obsessed With Al Sharpton

6/28/2015 Update: Earlier today, Melissa Gilbert responded to this piece on Twitter. Gilbert expressed her disgust by saying that she no way condones the behavior or the attitudes expressed by the people quoted below. For the record, I never said nor did I imply Melissa Gilbert condones racism. I also never said or implied these views […]

Tea Party Ignorance

Will Tea Party Ignorance Force Detroit’s BK To Drag Out For Years?

Spineless GOP’s Refusal To Reign In Tea Party Ignorance Jeopardizes Court System   It’s common knowledge that Republican members of Congress are so afraid of the Tea Party Ignorance and its movement. The Tea Party groups that are holding them political hostage. The problem with the Tea Party ignorance is that not only do they […]

Detroit’s Financial Woes Are A Symptom Of Michigan’s Much Bigger Problem

Detroit’s Financial Woes Have Michigan Political Elites Accepting Failure As The #1 Option   “I see NOTHING! I know NOTHING!” -Sergeant Hans Schultz Since Detroit’s financial woes that have accumulated from 50 years of mismanagement and corruption caused it to officially file Chapter 9 bankruptcy last week every journalist and pundit has chimed in on the […]

Calls For The Sacking Of Ed DeMarco Reaching Fever Pitch

10 State AGs & 45 Members Of Congress Have Joined The Chorus Of Homeowners Demanding DeMarco Be Sacked It looks like Ed DeMarco’s days of being the Acting Director of the FHFA are ending faster than he or President Obama may have thought. In what started out as a rallying cry for a handful of […]

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