Mortgage Servicers Are Warned A 3rd Time To Adhere To The CARES Act

The CFPB And Conference of State Bank Supervisors Warn Mortgage Servicers To Adhere To The CARES Act For The 3rd Time Government agencies have issued a third warning to mortgage servicers to adhere to the CARES Act. The CFPB and the Conference of State Bank Supervisors have sent their third warning to mortgage servicers. The […]


Coronavirus Could Decimate Mortgage Servicing Industry

Mortgage Servicers Expect Annihilation Due To The Coronavirus And Are Lining Up For Trump Bailouts Mortgage servicers are already waiting in line for their corporate welfare checks from the Trump administration. The Mortgage Bankers Association said deferred and late mortgage payments because of the coronavirus could trigger a financial nightmare for mortgage servicers. Fannie Mae […]

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Most Mortgage Servicers Are Unable To Validate Mortgage Debt

BUSTED: Most Mortgage Servicers Are Unable To Prove How Much Homeowners Actually Owe On Their Mortgages Most people just assume most mortgage servicers have calculated their payoff or balance correctly. The finance world also requires you to be good at math. So, at a minimum, you would also think most mortgage servicers would be able […]

Major Mortgage Servicers

Major Mortgage Servicers Rank At The Bottom Of JD Power Survey

JD Power Survey Shows Customer Service At Major Mortgage Servicers Is Between Terrible and Horrible J.D. Power has just confirmed what mortgage customers have known for years. Service at the major mortgage servicers sucks! J.D. Power’s latest customer satisfaction survey revealed that major mortgage servicers have a serious trust problem with their clients. Servicers also lack a digital […]

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Short Sale Specialist Convicted of Mortgage and Tax Fraud

Short Sale Specialist Portrayed Herself As An International Wheeler Dealer An Ashburn, Virginia resident and self-proclaimed short sale specialist was convicted today by a federal jury on 13 charges related to mortgage fraud, passing fictitious financial instruments, and tax fraud, the Department of Justice announced. Charise Stone, 46, was indicted on April 15, 2014. According […]

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