Judge Rules Non-Judicial Fannie Mae Foreclosures Are Unconstitutional

Federal Judge In Rhode Island Rules Non-Judicial Fannie Mae Foreclosures Violate US Constitution MFI-Miami lawyers and lawyers in non-judicial foreclosure states have been arguing that non-judicial Fannie Mae foreclosures are unconstitutional. Up until this past August, we have had limited success. One of the roadblocks has been the question of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s current […]

Fannie Mae CEO Is Busted Again For Not Keeping His Pants Zipped!

Fannie Mae CEO Timothy Mayopoulos Busted Having Tawdry Affair With TransUnion Chief Legal Officer Heather Russell Fannie Mae CEO Timothy Mayopoulos is once again in trouble for skirt chasing the beautiful women of the Washington D.C. He has received another rebuke from a government watchdog. Mayopoulos did not disclose his romantic relationship with current TransUnion Chief Legal Officer Heather Russell. […]

Federal Housing Finance Agency Structure Ruled Unconstitutional

Fifth Circuit COA Ruled Government Regulator Federal Housing Finance Agency Is Unconstitutional The Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled this week that the Federal Housing Finance Agency is not constitutionally structured. The Federal Housing Finance Agency or FHFA is the oversight for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The government created the FHFA was in […]

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Aggressive Fannie Mae Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

The Only Fannie Mae Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Team That Commands Results You may have a Fannie Mae Mortgage and not know it. Only someone properly trained in writing them can help you save your house from Fannie Mae. MFI-Miami has created an aggressive Fannie Mae Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Team. The team’s focus will focus solely […]

Wells Fargo Shell Game

Clandestine Wells Fargo Shell Game Exposed In Michigan

Clandestine Wells Fargo Shell Game Exposed In Michigan And Michigan Courts Are Turning A Blind Eye To It There is a clandestine Wells Fargo shell game going on in Michigan. This secret orgy of greed and white-collar crime is out of control at Wells Fargo. Shareholders need to step up and demand accountability before they see their […]

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