Foreclosure Mill Trott Law

Is Foreclosure Mill Trott Law Defrauding Wells Fargo And MBS Investors?

Detroit Foreclosure Mill Trott Law Accused Of Pocketing Money Meant For Wells Fargo And MBS Bond Holders There is a clandestine shell game going on in Michigan between the mortgage servicers and Detroit Foreclosure Mill Trott Law. Congressman David Trott and his former law firm are masterminding this multi-million dollar shell game. Michigan homeowners are […]

Wells Fargo Shell Game

Clandestine Wells Fargo Shell Game Exposed In Michigan

Clandestine Wells Fargo Shell Game Exposed In Michigan And Michigan Courts Are Turning A Blind Eye To It There is a clandestine Wells Fargo shell game going on in Michigan. This secret orgy of greed and white-collar crime is out of control at Wells Fargo. Shareholders need to step up and demand accountability before they see their […]

David Trott

David Trott Introduces Bill That Would Indemnify His Former Firm

David Trott Introduces Bill That Would Indemnify His Former Firm from Liabilities Under The Dodd-Frank Act And The FDCPA Congressman David Trott has introduced a bill (HR 1849) that would allow law firms to sidestep federal laws barring abusive debt-collection practices. The bill would allow firms like Trott Law to continue to make false threats […]

Trott Lawyer Kevin Hammons Flees Court After Losing Motion Hearing

Trott Lawyer Kevin Hammons Bolts From Courtroom Faster Than OJ Simpson In A Hertz Commercial   It seems Trott Lawyer Kevin Hammons did not have a good start to his weekend on Friday. 58th District Court Judge Susan Jonas granted a motion by Gretchen Molotky to stay her eviction until the Michigan Court of Appeals […]

Trott Law

Trott Law Tries To Evict Woman From House Their Client Doesn’t Own

Trott Law Foreclosed On A House For Money Their Client Wasn’t Owed & Now Is Trying To Evict The Homeowner From A House Their Client Doesn’t Own  David Trott may have left Trott Law but the foreclosure fraud that made him famous is still be happening. Trott Law lawyers have become more brazen. They quote […]

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