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Alex Jones’ Infowars Files For Bankruptcy

Lawsuits And Lack Of Both Russian Social Media Trolls And Financial Support Forces Alex Jones’ Infowars To File Bankruptcy Alex Jones’ Infowars and two other companies owned by Jones have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Jones filed the bankruptcy petition in the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas. Jones had a […]

Infowars Founder Alex Jones’ Wife Gives X-Mas Eve Ass Whoopin!

Infowars Founder Alex Jones’ Wife Gives Him A Christmas Eve Ass Whoopin! Conspiracy Theorist Blames Medical Imbalance Police have arrested the wife of InfoWars Founder Alex Jones on Christmas Eve. Erika Wulff Jones apparently threw down an ass whoopin’ on her husband at their Texas home. Police arrested her for domestic assault at 8:45 pm […]

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