Canadian Developer

Canadian Developer To Tear Down $12.5M Florida Home

Canadian Developer Benoit Dumoulin To Tear Down $12.5 Million Fort Lauderdale Home He Just Purchased To Build Mansion Canadian developer Benoit Dumoulin has acquired a home in Fort Lauderdale for $12.5 million. The Quebec-based realtor plans to tear it down and build a mansion. Klairmont Kollections NFP based out of Chicago sold the 6,269-square-foot home […]

South Florida Home Sales

South Florida Home Sales Plummet In April

South Florida Home Sales Plummet In April By 36%+. Experts Blame COVID-19 Pandemic And Mass Unemployment  Bad News South Florida! South Florida home sales have plummetted across the board in April. This is also bad news for real estate agents who have seen their commissions literally disappear. Real estate experts say it is due to […]

Broward County Auction

Broward County Auction Alert: Its Caveat Emptor For Amateur Investors!

Amateur Investor Thought He Scored A Villa For $9,100 At The Broward County Auction. He Got A Foot-Wide Strip Of Land. Amateur investor Kerville Holness thought he’d done a great job snapping up a $177,000 Tamarac villa at the Broward County auction for only $9,100. However, that’s not what he bought during the online property […]

62 Percent of South Florida Homes Unaffordable

Kim Miller, Palm Beach Post South Florida homebuyers are having a tougher time finding homes to fit their budget, according to a new study that determined 62 percent of homes in the region are unaffordable to people earning the area median income. Seattle-based Zillow, which released the study today, found that of 35 of the […]

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