Bronx Foreclosures

Stopping Bronx Foreclosures

Stopping Bronx Foreclosure Defenses With New York’s Produce the Note Law Use NYS Foreclosure Laws To Stop Bronx Foreclosures You can use New York law to stop Bronx foreclosures. Furthermore, state law ensures that the foreclosing party has the correct documents in place. New York law requires that the foreclosing party “produce the note” to […]

bronx foreclosure cases

Bronx Foreclosure Cases Ride The Rocket Docket

Bronx Foreclosure Cases Speed Up As Courts Implement Rocket Docket.  Bronx judges have implemented a rocket docket for Bronx foreclosure cases. It seems the end is near for Bronx homeowners hoping to take advantage of the borough’s notorious long foreclosure litigation time.  Other New York counties are taking Brooklyn’s lead in dealing with Bronx foreclosure cases. […]

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