Coinbase Warns Its Customers They May Lose ALL Their Crypto

Coinbase Warns Its 98 Million Customers They May Lose $256 Billion Worth Of Crypto And Fiat Money If Company Goes Bust  Coinbase saw an epic plummet of more than 27% this week. The company issued a stark warning to customers, “Your crypto is at risk if the exchange goes bankrupt.” Coinbase claims they have more than […]


Bitcoin Is A Scam Says Jordan Belfort

Wolf Of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Calls Bitcoin A Major Scam That Is About To Crash Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort hit the media circuit this week proclaiming that the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is a huge scam. Belfort also predicted that the value of Bitcoin will plummet sooner rather than later. He told the Financial Times: […]


Miami Judge Throws Out Bitcoin Money Laundering Case

Miami Judge Rules Bitcoin Not Real Currency In Criminal Bitcoin Money Laundering Case  Miami-Dade Judge Mary Pooler has thrown out the first ever Bitcoin money laundering cases in Florida. Pooler ruled Bitcoins are not real currency. Michell Espinoza was facing felony charges for selling Bitcoins to undercover Miami Beach detectives.  Detectives approached Michell Espinoza who uses […]

Is The Federal Reserve Afraid Of A Little Healthy Competition?

Is the Government Trying to Kill Digital Currency?   Rob Blackwell, American Banker The regulatory crackdown on Liberty Reserve is stoking fears that banks may soon begin severing relationships with digital currency providers and exchanges, effectively stifling their growth due to institutions’ fears of potential prosecution. Government officials targeted Liberty Reserve in part because it […]

Canada To Tax Bitcoin Transactions

From RT Canadians using bitcoins, the decentralized crypto-currency that recently went mainstream, must report their incomes and pay taxes as with other earnings, Canada’s Revenue Agency (CRA) confirmed following a media request. The issue was clarified in response to a letter by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) ahead of the country’s tax season. Two separate […]

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