Romspen Financial Colonoscopy

Romspen Financial Colonoscopy: Is It Really Going To Happen?

The MFI-Miami Magic 8-Ball Says A Romspen Financial Colonoscopy Is On The Horizon And The Outlook For Romspen Is Not Good Things aren’t looking well for the Toronto-based lender right now. Romspen has found itself in a quagmire in several of their lawsuits. A defendant in one of the lawsuits says he plans on performing […]

Republic First Bank

Republic First Bank Collapses And Seized By FDIC

FDIC Seizes Republic First Bank In First Bank Seizure Of 2024. Fulton Bank Assumes Control Of Bank’s 32 Branches The FDIC and Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities took control of Republic First Bank and it’s 32 branches last week. Fulton Bank will now serve bank customers. Republic First Bank is the first US bank […]

Top 10 LOs

One Of The Top 10 LOs In The US Indicted In Fraud Scheme

One Of The Top 10 LOs In The US Indicted On One Count Of Conspiracy To Commit Bank Fraud In Alleged Mortgage Fraud Scheme Federal prosecutors in New Jersey have indicted Christopher Gallo with conspiracy to commit bank fraud. The mortgage industry has recognized Gallo as one of the US’s Top 10 LOs. The industry […]

Loan Modification Or A Refinance

Loan Modification Or A Refinance: Which One Is Best For You?

Loan Modification Or A Refinance: Which One Works Best For You Depends on Your Financial Situation Are you looking at saving money on your mortgage? A loan modification or a refinance are two options at your disposal. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be in foreclosure or be delinquent on your mortgage to […]

Suspended Detroit Judge

Suspended Detroit Judge Tries To Regain Her Seat

Michigan Tenure Commission Suspended Detroit Judge Kahlilia Davis For 6 Years in 2023. Now She Is Attempting To Regain Her Seat.  The Michigan Supreme Court suspended former Detroit Judge Kahlilia Davis for six years in 2023. They cited rampant ethical violations during her suspension hearing in 2023. Yet, Davis is no brazenly running to regain […]

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