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Merrill Lynch Fires James Iannazzo Over Racist Smoothie Shop Meltdown

Merrill Lynch Fires Top Wealth Manager James Iannazzo Over Racist Smoothie Shop Meltdown  Merrill Lynch has fired top Wealth Manager James Iannazzo. Police arrested Iannazzo Saturday after he threatened and went on a racist rant against a group of young employees at a local smoothie shop.  Police charged James A. Iannazzo with intimidation based on […]

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Racist Merrill Lynch Executive Goes Schizoid And Assaults Teenage Girl

Racist Merrill Lynch Executive James Iannazzo Goes Schizoid And Assaults Teenage Girl At Smoothie Shop Merrill Lynch executive James Iannazzo was caught on camera making a complete jackass out of himself over the weekend. A smoothie store employee recorded Iannazzo verbally abusing the teenage employees with sexist profanity and racial slurs. The video also shows […]

former white house adviser

Former White House Adviser Pleads Guilty To Stealing $218,000

Former White House Adviser Seth Andrew Pleads Guilty To Stealing $218,000 From Charter School Network Former White House adviser Seth Andrew pleaded guilty to stealing $218,000 from a charter school network. He allegedly stole $218,000 from the network to get a lower interest rate on a multimillion-dollar luxury Manhattan apartment. Andrew once served as a […]

Crackpot Millionaire Mike Lindell

Crackpot Millionaire Mike Lindell Says Banks Are Closing His Accounts

Crackpot Millionaire Mike Lindell Told To Take Banking Business Elsewhere For Pushing Trump Conspiracy Theories Carkpot Millionaire Mike Lindell claims that his banks want to cut ties with him. Lindell says they called him “reputation risk.” The banks see Lindell as a risk to them. Multiple companies are suing Lindell for billions of dollars for […]

Mortgage Delinquency Rates

Mortgage Delinquency Rates Surpass Pre-Pandemic Levels

Mortgage Delinquency Rates Surpass Pre-Pandemic Levels Of 2019 At 3.8% Mortgage delinquency rates have hit pre-pandemic levels in October. Lending experts say the number will increase substantially in the coming months.  CoreLogic Loan Performance Report says this is due to labor market improvements and home equity increases. The report also states that rates will continue […]

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