Oh, Whoa, Whoa, Jamie’s Cryin’ As JPMChase Is Downgraded By Regulators

John Carney, CNBC The Senate report on JPMorgan Chase’s London Whale fiasco revealed that federal regulators secretly downgraded the bank’s management rating last summer—a fact kept from investors and the public until last week. The downgrade of JPMorgan’smanagement resulted from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency finding that the bank suffered from “lax governance and oversight […]

Michigan Treasury

Michigan Treasury Shakes Google Down For $3.1 Million “Assessment”

Michigan Treasury Shakes Down Google Like Gangsters If you have ever had the misfortune of owning in a business in Michigan, you know that dealing with the Michigan Treasury is like being inLynch-directed directed episode of The Sopranos. The Michigan Department of Treasury does what they call an “assessment” to determine how much you as […]

Kevyn Orr

Detroit’s New Financial Manager Kevyn Orr Denies Being A Tax Cheat

Did Kevyn Orr Destroy His Chances Of Being The “Savior Of Detroit”? For those who missed it last night, Chad Livengood at the Detroit News posted a great piece about how the newly appointed Emergency Financial Manager Kevyn Orr denied being a “tax cheat” but during the interview, he may have actually dug himself deeper into […]

Kevyn Orr

Is Detroit’s New Emergency Financial Manager A Tax Cheat?

Records Show Up Until Yesterday Orr Owed The State Of Maryland $16,000 In Unemployment And Income Taxes For Nanny   “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.” -Leona Helmsley The Detroit News broke a story yesterday that Detroit’s new Emergency Financial Manager, Kevyn Orr has been hit four times in four years […]

Brooklyn Ponzi Scheme

LIBOR Rigging & Complex Derivatives By UBS Contributed To Detroit’s Demise

UBS, BofA, and JPMorgan Pocketed $474 Million As Detroit Descended Into Financial Chaos By LIBOR Rigging   “Even in the worst of times someone turns a profit.” – Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #162 As the downtrodden African-Americans and whites who make up what’s left of the City of Detroit’s 700,000 resident are about to have their fundamental human […]

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