SEC charges hedge fund with mortgage bond fraud

Ronald D. Orol, MarketWatch The Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday charged a hedge fund manager with allegedly defrauding investors by hiding millions of dollars in losses from mortgage securities. Specifically, the SEC alleges that Walter Morales and hedge fund Commonwealth Advisors, based in Baton Rouge, La., tried to hide $32 million in losses by […]

Canadian Bank Drained Terminally-Ill American Child’s Charitable Account

Then Hounded Family For Overdraft Fees Karin Price Mueller/The Star-Ledger Karin Price Mueller, The Star Ledger Andrew Cogswell doesn’t have a lot of free time to fight bureaucracy. The South River man is the father of Kelly Cogswell, 6, who is terminally ill with Mitochondrial Disease/Leigh Syndrome. Kelly lives with a tracheotomy, a feeding tube […]

Country Club Sopranos Caught Swindling Red Handed

Feds Treat Bankers With Kid Gloves Peter Kotz, Denver Westworld You wouldn’t know it by watching the news or reading the paper, but America’s banks are on the largest crime spree the country has ever known. Let’s go to the highlight reel, shall we? In July, Wells Fargo paid a $175 million settlement after the […]

Why Is Jamie Dimon Doing The Hustle With The Countrywide “Hustler”?

Countrywide Hustler Rebecca Mairone Was Hired By JPMorgan Chase In March Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami Last week when word broke out about the U.S. Government suing Bank of America under the False Claims Act for a $1 Billion, two important issues were overlooked by the media that could  very well affect the legitimacy of this case and […]

Feds Slap BofA With $1Billion Fraud Suit

Kerri Ann Panchuk, Housing Wire The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York slapped Bank of America [stock BAC][stock] with a $1 billion lawsuit, claiming Countrywide loans were originated in a manner that disguised underwriting flaws leading to substantial losses at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This is the first civil fraud suit in the mortgage space […]

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